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KUBOTA SVL FRONT WINDSHIELD for SVL75, SVL90, and SVL95 – offered in 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″

Replaces OEM Glass #V0621-34520

CLEAR POLYCARBONATE – SUPERCOAT™ BOTH SIDES. FORM ~ FIT ~ FUNCTION of OEM glass with every thickness – no extra hardware needed!

Lead time: Due to demand our lead time has temporarily been moved to 7-10 days. Not sure what thickness to get? Click here for info.

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KUBOTA SVL  WINDSHIELD for SVL75, SVL90, and SVL95 – offered in 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″


Why replace factory glass with  SHIELDS® SUPERCOATED™ Polycarbonate Window for your Kubota SVL skid steer windshield?

With a SHIELDS® windshield you get the FORM ~ FIT ~ FUNCTION of OEM glass with the Increased Safety ~ Durability ~ Performance of Formed & Coated Polycarbonate. To begin, we cut and form our windows to duplicate the OEM glass (including hardware mounting holes). Then we mill the edges and holes so that the original hardware can be used from your existing glass application. Finally, we post-coat with our SUPERCOAT™. This gives the polycarbonate nearly the same level of abrasion resistance of glass and the performance advantages below.


Many people refer to polycarbonate as Lexan and Makrolon which are brand names or Plexiglass, but this is acrylic. Others may refer to polycarbonate as, safety glass, demo door, and other forms of glass. Education is key when shopping for polycarbonate windshields. To learn more about polycarbonate and what thickness you should buy, check out our blog below!

To learn more about polycarbonate check out our blog!

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Kubota is a Registered Trademark of Kubota Tractor Corporation.

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1 review for Kubota SVL Windshield

  1. Andrew

    Had to get a profesional glass installer to install, the window is a bit misleading due to the beveled edge cut. Even the glass man was confused…. I guess if we had the instructions, it would have been easy from the get go! I called the manufactor and explained the concerns and they emailed over a instruction guide showing how the beveled edge was to be place. Once we seen it we were able to install in no time! The fitment is good, the hole for the front handle did not fit exactly and had to be trimmed with a razor knife, to allow the screws to start, Also the spacers that come on the handle for the original glass will need to be removed if you use the 1/2 inch window to allow the door handle to function smoothly. Id defianatly purchase another one instead of paying Kubota 1400 for a glass window! I can burn up 3 of these to there 1! Thanks

    • Alyxa McKee

      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for your feedback on our product and kind words. We appreciate hearing from all of our customers. I am pleased you are happy and were able to install the door once receiving some instruction. This is a common thing with our Kubota windshields. We are in the process of putting together an install video for our customers to use. We are also looking into the holes and handles that you mentioned. We strive for our doors to fit perfectly without needing adjustment and your feedback is greatly appreciated.
      -SHIELDS team.

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