CAT Windshield: Skid Steer C Series


CAT C Series Skid Steer Front Windshield

– offered in 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″

Replaces OEM Glass #258-4071


FORM ~ FIT ~ FUNCTION of OEM glass with every thickness – no extra hardware needed!

Lead time: 3-5 days. Not sure what thickness to get? Click here for info.

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CAT Windshield: Skid Steer C Series – offered in 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ CLEAR POLYCARBONATE – SUPERCOAT™ BOTH SIDES. Why replace factory glass with SHIELDS® SUPERCOATED™ Polycarbonate for your CAT skid steer windshield? With a SHIELDS® windshield you get the FORM ~ FIT ~ FUNCTION of OEM glass with the Increased Safety ~ Durability ~ Performance of Formed & Coated Polycarbonate. To begin, we cut and form our windows to duplicate the OEM glass (including hardware mounting holes). Then we mill the edges and holes so that the original hardware can be used from your existing glass application. Finally, we post-coat with our SUPERCOAT™. This gives the polycarbonate nearly the same level of abrasion resistance of glass and the performance advantages below. 1/2 THE WEIGHT, 250 TIMES STRONGER, REDUCED NOISE, INCREASED LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE,  DECREASED SUMMER HEAT GAIN, and DECREASED WINTER HEAT LOSS.

A note from your SHIELDS® team. We want to be sure you are buying the windshield you need!

If you are thinking about 1/4″ our 1/4″ windshield is great for your basic use. If your glass kept you safe, then ours will be perfect (260X stronger than glass). But ¼” polycarbonate is FLEXIBLE. Polycarbonate’s strength comes from its ability to flex. Some applications ¼” will flex and have movement due to how it is installed in your cab. If this will bother you, we recommend looking at our 3/8” or ½” thicknesses.

If you have questions about what thickness you need, give us a call! 1-800-554-7527

The phenomenal strength of polycarbonate gives way for less rigidity. If the cab was designed using the fragile rigidity of glass, our ¼” might flex more than desired – ½” however will not. The CAT C series skid steer is a good example. If you go with ¼” when you install our window we recommend that the latch adjustment should be moved all the way back (towards the rear of the cab) and the gas strut at the window’s top needs to be as light as possible for the best fit. Many people refer to polycarbonate as Lexan and Makrolon which are brand names or Plexiglass, but this is acrylic. Others may refer to polycarbonate as, safety glass, demo door, and other forms of glass. Education is key when shopping for polycarbonate windshields. To learn more about polycarbonate and what thickness you should buy, check out our blog below! To learn more about polycarbonate check out our blog! View other skid steer windshields   Challenger is a Registered Trademark of Caterpillar Inc

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