Polycarbonate: 1/2 the weight of glass and 260X stronger! MIATA: '96-'05 626: '98+ RX7-1ST GEN: '79-'85 (front) RX7 -2ND GEN (front and rear) RX7-3RD GEN: '93-'95 (front and rear) RX8: '04-08 (front) 2010 (rear) M3:  2010 (front and rear) Please fill out all information so we get you the correct windshield. If the make/model you have is not listed, give us a call.  For side windows please call as well. 1-800-554-7527 All of our windshields are handmade and precise. Our standard oversize is 1" around the windshield. 1/4" is only offered for front windshields and only rear windows are offered uncoated. Made to order: 90 business days – please call for more information.